Michell Excavating Ltd.

Saanichton B.C. owned since 1950


Landscaping Services

Michell Excavating has been in business since 1950, and is a trusted name in Victoria and Saanich. Let us help you with:

Landscaping Services

  • Excavating and site prep
  • Grading, leveling and reshaping the ground
  • Excavating for driveway construction
  • Removal of existing driveway and preparation for a new one
  • Excavating for pond construction
  • Digging and landscape prep for ponds and water features
  • Excavating and boulder placement
  • Rock walls, placement and arrangements of large boulders in the garden as a part of a retaining wall or to add character and interest to your garden design
  • Fill and topsoil delivery and slinging
  • Trucking and hauling

If you need any of these services, contact us for a free estimate; discounts available for tradesmen.

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