Machines at work on a construction site.

Our Team

Meet Our Rock-Solid Team

The Michell team is a dedicated and diverse crew. Around 50 people strong, we’re mechanics, machine operators, labourers, truck drivers, and office and operations staff. We may have different specialties, but we share much in common: a can-do, hands-on approach to our work and an unwavering loyalty to the company and to each other. At Michell Excavating, we believe that our power is in our people, so we truly invest in one another with training, mentorship, and plenty of opportunities to grow.

Daryl Michell smiles at the camera.
Daryl Michell
Owner, President
Karen Wiggins smiles at the camera.
Karen Wiggins
Owner, Vice President
Donna Michell smiles at the camera.
Donna Michell
Owner, General Manager
Brent Miller smiles at the camera.
Brent Miller
Manager of Projects
Kyle Michell poses for a portrait.
Kyle Michell
Yard Operations Manager
Trevor Rhodes smiles at the camera.
Trevor Rhodes
Operations Manager
April Duncan looks straight at the camera and smiles.
April Duncan
Organizational Development Manager
CG Morrison

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