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Excavation, Trucking, & Hauling

Moving the Earth for You

We do excavation for commercial, civil, and residential projects. No job is too big or too small, as our range of equipment lets us do it all: from performing bulk excavations to squeezing into the tightest spaces. Our excavation services include bulk excavations, road prep, residential landscaping, house excavations, subdivisions, civil pipework, site servicing, and backfilling. If you need material delivered or hauled away, we’re ready with our trucking and hauling services.

No matter the project’s size or scope, we guarantee a comprehensive estimate, experienced operators, and a commitment to helping you get the job done right and on time.

We have $5 million in liability insurance, WCB coverage and can supply bonding for jobs when required.

Trucking & Hauling

When ordering any of our soils or aggregates, you can pick up the product from our yard or opt for delivery. Delivery prices are determined by the time it takes to deliver your product and the size of truck required to get it there.

Want to dispose of concrete, or compost? You can either bring it in yourself, or we can take it away for you. Dump charges are based on the amount of material you have.

Trucking & Hauling Prices

New equipment prices in effect January 1, 2023

A minimum charge of three-quarters of an hour applies.


    PER HR.
  • Small: 1-4 yards

  • Single Axle: 5-8 yards

  • Slinger Truck: 15 yards

  • Tandem: 14 yards

  • Truck & Pup Trailer

  • Truck & Quad Dump

  • Truck & Transfer Trailer


Dump Charges in Yard

  • green waste

    $5 minimum charge
  • Pickup (Small) Loads

  • One Ton (Medium) Loads

  • Single Axle Loads

  • Tandem Loads

  • No Rebar Concrete

    $25 minimun charge
  • Pickup (Small) Loads

  • One Ton (Medium) Loads

  • Single Axle Loads

  • Tandem Loads



  • Small Jobs & Spaces:
    • Mini Excavator Cat 301.8 – 4 ft wide with removable cage
    • Excavator Cat 305.5 – 6 ft wide, rubber tracks
    • Excavator PC78 Komatsu – 7 ft wide, rubber tracks
  • Larger Jobs:
    • Excavator PC138 Komatsu –  8 ft wide, steel tracks
    • Excavator Komatsu PC200 – 9 ft wide, steel tracks
    • Backhoe Cat 430G – Rubber tire, 4×4, 4 in 1 bucket
  • Extra Large Jobs & New Site Builds:
    • Excavator PC290 Komatsu – Used on construction sites
    • Excavator Cat 336F  – Used on construction sites
  • Also Available:
    • Cat Skid Steer with Para level system for field work levelling with laser.
    • Ho-pac and ho-ram are available on some machines.

Equipment Prices

Equipment costs are charged out by the hour and include an operator and site inspection. Contact us to book your free estimate.

A machine moves soil around a construction site.
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The front end of a large truck.
Machines dig soil.
A close up of the side of a truck.

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