Soils & Aggregates

The Best Quality, Every Time

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect material for your construction and landscaping projects. We work with local suppliers to source a wide range of aggregates, and we produce our own soils, mulches, and manures. Our topsoils, specially formulated for Vancouver Island terrain, are tested every month in Vancouver, creating superior products landscape architects can rely on.

Ready to start planning? Determine the amount of product you need with our fill calculator.

Get Your Products—in Three Ways

You can bag your product yourself using bags we supply or your own garbage cans. Alternatively, we can fill your truck or trailer for you. Finally, we can easily arrange a delivery to your location. For delivery prices, see below. Landscapers and contractors are eligible for a discount on all soil products.


Delivery prices are found below; please contact us for an estimate. There is a ¾ hour minimum charge.


    PER HR
  • Small Truck: 4 yards

  • Single Axle: 8 yards

  • Slinger Truck: 15 yards

  • Tandem: 14 yards


Helpful Planning Tips

Here is a list of useful conversions to help you plan your project:

  • 1 yard of topsoil will cover approximately 100 square feet (example: 10ft X 10ft area at 3 inches deep)
  • 1 yard = 27 cubic feet
  • 1 yard = 5 commercial wheelbarrow loads
  • 1 yard = 100 shovels full

Average weight per yard:

  • Premium Blend: 600 kg
  • #1 Blend: 700 kg
  • Lawn Blend: 850 kg
  • Bark Mulch: 300 kg
A close-up shot of a truck's front end.

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